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Radio Cabs in Pune, now a reality

So what’s new, you may ask? Haven’t we used been using Wings Radio Cabs already?

Well yes – we have, but they’ve been pretty much the only radio cab operator in the city so far, quite unlike cities like Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore, which have City Cabs, Meru and others.

Last year there was a proposal to introduce more radio cabs in Pune, but didn’t find any takers due to the prohibitively high cost, so the state government has brought down the permit fee per cab from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.25,000. This is expected to ease the burden to an extent on fleet operators and the proposal may become a reality as early as next month in August.

Personally, I think this is a welcome move. I’ve been a long time user of Wings Radio Cabs, and though I’ve not faced any serious service issues yet, I think Rs.16/km is too high for an LPG-run Wagon-R, considering cabs in the above mentioned cities charge Rs.15/km for a petrol driven Renault Logan.

Once we have more operators and a more reasonable tariff card, would you switch to radio cabs or remain loyal to the good old autorickshaw?

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