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Petrol pumps to be shut from Monday

The past week has been a nightmare, what with these six hour plus power cuts. At the workplace, power is provided by a genset. It runs on diesel, so as long as it is adequately supplied, there should be no issues. And that is where the difficulty lies ! There is  a huge problem procuring diesel from the fuel pumps, who refuse to sell diesel if you happen to be carrying those large jerry cans, which.

While I can understand they are being harassed by motorists who want to tank up, refusing to supply diesel is a pretty harsh move, and one that can virtually bring all activity to a shuddering halt, as almost all SMEs and even professionals use gensets that run on diesel.

To top it all, I heard that from Monday, August 04 onwards, the Pune Petrol Dealers Association is threatening to stop buying petrol and diesel altogether due to the rationing of fuel from the oil marketing companies. The petrol dealers complain that that they are being given fuel based on the consumption figures for the same time last year, which they claim is a ridiculous calculation, given the power situation in the city, increase in vehicles, and of course, increase in the number of gensets.

This problem is likely to be resolved though, as the city simply cannot function if all pumps are shut.

Update: The oil marketing companies have decided to increase the supply of diesel from around 2050 KL to approximately 2400-2700 KL and for now, the pumps will remain open. How long, is anybody’s guess !!

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