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Pune to suffer load shedding for SEVEN hours from today

Well, this certainly qualifies as a WTF thingy first up in the morning !!!

The TOI reports that Pune is in for around seven hour power cuts from today, all thanks to the MSEDCL which seems to have no alternative other than completely screw up things to this extent. Industry is likely to be even more affected, thanks to a 34 hour / week power shutdown.

The past couple of months have seen the power situation in Pune go from bad to worse, with the officials themselves swinging like a yo-yo on the load shedding issue. At times, they’ve said there will be no power cuts, at other times, they’ve said there will be no fixed hours for load shedding. They’ve also refused to allow Tata Power to purchase power from the exchange.

Earlier this year, in May, the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) had fixed the load shedding protocol for Pune at 2.45 – 3.45 hrs per day, based on the shortfall figure of 4500 MW.

Why does this shortfall figure change so frequently from week to week, and why can’t the MSEDCL babus just come out in the open and be transparent with demand/supply figures so that everyone is clearly aware of the problem, and more importantly, the cause?

They’ve even resorted to keeping streetlights off, which is dangerous. As opposed to this, you have slums merrily stealing power from various sources and what’s more, they don’t even suffer power cuts. It is pretty galling to see an entire area (roads and housing societies) in darkness while the slums are all aglow !

It’s high time the MSEDCL is made more accountable. They better start coming up with answers and realistic solutions rather than resort to such knee jerk reactions and play havoc with people’s daily schedules.

Who is gonna bell the cat?

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