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Prime Circle at Hard Rock Cafe, Pune

It all started with an inocuous message saying that a South African band called Prime Circle were to play at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pune on Sunday (09-Aug) night.

The initial mirth at this geometric sounding name soon gave way to curiosity and then some animated discussions about who were keen to come along. We initially had a shortlist of 10 who seemed good to go, but eventually this came down to 8 of us, all “primed” and raring. 🙂

I had to meet up with an old friend prior to this and reached HRC around 8.45 pm, being the third person to arrive. There was an entry charge of Rs.500, which included a Tuborg on the house. I quickly settled down, and within minutes, our friend had even won a contest !

Hmm.. and what was the contest? Basically,  a couple of stewardesses approached our table for participation in a game and the idea was to recognise the correct brand of whiskey while being blindfolded. The first peg was some other whiskey and the second one was THE one, Jim Beam, who by the way seemed to be the sponsors as it turned out.

By then our party had increased to 5 members and we were wondering when the live music was going to start. Come 9.30 pm and the other 3 also trooped in and we were all set. The band came on stage, and just then… another contest.

They had a Jim Beam guitar to give away to the person who could play it the best from the gathered crowd that night.  Since it seemed to be a lucky night for our group, we prodded our ex-drummer buddy to give it a shot. After a bit of tuning and stuff, he began, and played quite decently for someone who had only been learning for 4 months. Two other guys also played, each for a minute and the time came to announce the winner. Popular opinion quite clearly pegged # 3 as the chosen one and he got the guitar.

Finally, the band began their stuff and overall, I’d say they were decent, nothing great, atleast as a first impression. It could be the kind of music that grows on you the more you listen to it, but till then I rate them a 3 on 5. Of course, there were some in our group who felt the sound was too loud. Well, that it certainly was, and wasn’t helped by somewhat poor acoustics at the venue. By the way, the food was ok too, though I’ve had better elsewhere.

As the proceedings wound down, the reunion thingy from earlier in the evening seemed to go on, as I met another friend…  He grabbed my shoulder as we crossed paths and for a split second, I was wondering if it was some Mr.Tipsy even as I turned to see his face. Luckily, we’re connected on FaceBook so I had an idea of how he looked, but even then….. 18 years is a loooooong time huh !! 😀

We all left just short of midnight. It was a friend’s birthday the next day so I sent her a message and then moved on to meet up some other friends who were close to the end of another party. A bit of hi’s n hellos here n there, before we all decided to call it a night… and then followed by a quick drive back to home sweet home.

Super end to a nice evening ! 🙂

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