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Monsoons again… Deja vu ?

The rains have come and once again, our civic administration has been brought to it’s knees. It is no fun to see the images on TV with knee / waist high water in most parts of Bombay. The express highway is closed as well, and the entire situation everywhere seems like a rewind to July ’05. All the excuses given by the administrators also seem a re-hash of the last year.

The situation in Pune is no better, and riding / driving is fraught with danger every inch of the way. One can never gauge the depth of any water filled area, and a wrong judgement could lead to horrible consequences. All orthopaedics will again have to gear up to treat the numerous cases of injuries along with severe back and neck pain.


News on TV : Journalism or Sensationalism

Watching the news on TV these days has been reduced to a farce. There are so many news channels and they seem a replica of one another. In terms of content, there are hardly any thought provoking discussions or news items. What we get now is “Breaking News” with “exclusive pictures / footage”, shown by each channel.

Last year, I wondered if Karisma Kapoor’s marital problems merited so much coverage, and we seem to have descended into some kind of an abyss since then. What we now get to see are stories related to activities of filmstars, “high society” do’s where someone got drunk and misbehaved, or news about “former” mistresses of underworld dons! I never expected the underworld to get so much coverage.

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Yet another beginning v 2.0

Its been quite a while since this blog was created… and forgotten somewhere in time… Almost two years later, it is being revived. The June effect, perhaps?

Lots of things happening on all fronts… The Sensex plunged further and nosedived below the 10K mark, the “new” Saral form threatens to cause more consternation among the already “tax-harassed” people, fuel prices shoot up by a hefty margin… We also have two “Rahuls” making the news, though for entirely diverse reasons. While Rahul Mahajan faces the prospect of police custody, Rahul Bajaj prepares to enter the Rajya Sabha as an Independent candidate, backed by the BJP, NCP and Shiv Sena, leaving the Congress red-faced.