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Online trading game from IIM-Lucknow and Karvy

Despite the mayhem in the stock markets and investors shying away from equity, IIM Lucknow and Karvy Stock Broking have launched a new online trading game, which is a part of the institute’s annual business conclave, called Manfest.

The live online trading game will run from 27-Oct-08 to 09-Jan-08, and will seek to test the investment skills of students and corporates.

How the game works:

Teams will have to manage a portfolio worth Rs.10,000 over this 11 week period. They will be allowed to invest in equity, commodities, currency futures (foreign currency) and mutual funds.

The interesting twist in the tale is that besides prizes worth Rs.1,75,000, the teams will get to keep the profits they make on their investment.

Sounds pretty interesting, let’s see how it shapes up.

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