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One way on FC Road and JM Road – A Week Later

The proposal to enforce one way traffic on FC Road and JM Road, which had been in limbo all these months, was finally acted upon earlier this week, and has evoked a mixed response so far.

Basically, on FC Road, you can only come straight from Good Luck chowk towards Agriculture college chowk. While this has increased the speed and driving convenience for motorists, it is the pedestrians who are now faced with problems as they try to cross the road, not to mention the chaos for everyone at each of the chowks on that road.

The traffic cops were out in full force, guiding people on which turn to take and how not to navigate as well. One change I saw on the way to work was that from the Sancheti signal, going straight on is not an option anymore. One needs to take a left turn towards Kala Niketan and then turn right from the first chowk, leading to the Shimla Office chowk.

Traffic on the normally sleepy Apte Road, which lies between FC and JM Road, has increased hugely,  as commuters have been zipping along on this road to bypass some of the restrictions on the former two roads.

Another worrying aspect is the absence of any proper and visible pre-defined zebra crossings, forcing people to cross the road from anywhere. After a couple of days, the cops also installed rumbling strips to reduce the speed of vehicles on JM Road, whereas FC Road has the typical speed breaker. However, they were not painted when I passed that way so if one is not alert in spotting them, be prepared for a nasty jolt to the lower back. Even the lane markings are not clearly defined and visible, so lane cutting, which anyway used to happen, has ecome the norm now. 😀

Do have a look at some of the suggestions by members of Pedestrians’ First, and also share your experiences in the comments below.

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