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No time for blogging

Have not been finding enough time to blog lately, and the frequency of posts looks all set to dwindle to some extent. As if lack of time wasn’t a problem enough, my internet connection has been acting up big time.

The service provider (BSNL) has been giving me a lot of grief and yes, numerous complaint numbers too, all to no avail. The worst part is that I a) either cannot connect, or b) get disconnected every few minutes, which is so bloody irritating. A call to the BSNL help desk elicited a lovely response – “Please disconnect and call again… We can only accept one complaint at a time !!” 😀

Wake up, sarkaari saands… with competition already here, how long can you afford this kind of complacency?

I’ve been blogging randomly the past few weeks, but due to this connection problem, some posts are queued up, and each time I hit publish, the connection dies on me… and the cycle continues. Will probably publish if they remain relevant to context, else they will remain confined to my drafts folder…

Do keep your comments coming in though… Am definitely looking out for them and will certainly reply ! 🙂

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