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No fixed hours for load shedding in Pune, says MSEDCL

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (MSEDCL) has come up with a drastic solution to the power problem in the city.

Earlier, they had indulged in ‘salami-tactics’, increasing the load shedding time ‘slice by slice’, from two hours per day to almost six hours presently. However, now it is a no-holds barred scenario, with the MSEDCL declaring that load-shedding would be done ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’, without adherence to any fixed schedule or location.

This means that all those who were earlier planning their activities based on the load shedding schedule will be caught totally unawares, as the power could be cut at any time of the day, just when needed most.

Man, this sucks big time, and is definitely going to bring professionals and small enterprises to their knees !! 🙁

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