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Nauman Sait wins MTV Roadies 6-Hell Down Under

And finally, MTV Roadies 6 – Hell Down Under comes to an end. The winner – Bangalore boy Nauman Sait !!!

I’m not that big a fan of Roadies or Splitsvilla, but do watch them from time to time for sheer timepass…

I think a lot of people expected Kiri to win, but in the final task, in which both were chained at their hands, neck and legs, it was Nauman who finally prevailed and grabbed the MTV Roadies flag.

He also won a cash prize of Rs.3.52 lakhs, a pretty tidy sum. 🙂

A friend of mine had an interesting comment to make; she said the winner would probably go on to become a VJ, in which case, Nauman was anyway favoured to beat Kiri. So was it fixed? Go figure !! 😀

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