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Moral policing in India

In the latest salvo fired by the moral brigade, the I & B Ministry has banned the the transmission or re-transmission of the advertisements of ‘Lux Cozy Underwear’ and ‘Amul Macho Underwear’ finding them indecent, vulgar and suggestive according to a new “content code”. There seem to be different standards being adopted here however, with the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) giving the ads the go-ahead.

However, the issue is not whether these ads were indeed offensive or not, as different people have different sensitivities. Over the past few months, a lot of people who, for want of having something better to do, have taken it upon themselves to “cleanse” our country, and it sure doesn’t take too much for our moral police to get their chaddies in a twist!

All they do is make a big fuss over non-issues, for eg. a condom manufacturing company being hauled up in Madhya Pradesh for selling a “sex toy” as a condom, channels like FTV and AXN being banned for “skin shows”, issues over the length of Katrina Kaif’s skirt when visiting a place of worship, castigating Shilpa Shetty for kissing a foreigner in India, Bipasha Basu for kissing a foreigner outside India… You get the drift ? There seems no end to it.

Our TV guys then get into the act, making this rubbish the lead story, or “Breaking News”, accompanied by video clips that keep repeating at a sickening rate, inciting people even more.

All this despite the fact that even our movies of the 1950s and 60s (forget Khajuraho and the Kamasutra) had numerous instances of pre-marital sex, after which the hero would conveniently proceed to the US or UK for “higher studies”, leaving the heroine to carry the can… ooops, I meant the baby 🙂

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