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Monsoons again… Deja vu ?

The rains have come and once again, our civic administration has been brought to it’s knees. It is no fun to see the images on TV with knee / waist high water in most parts of Bombay. The express highway is closed as well, and the entire situation everywhere seems like a rewind to July ’05. All the excuses given by the administrators also seem a re-hash of the last year.

The situation in Pune is no better, and riding / driving is fraught with danger every inch of the way. One can never gauge the depth of any water filled area, and a wrong judgement could lead to horrible consequences. All orthopaedics will again have to gear up to treat the numerous cases of injuries along with severe back and neck pain.

What beats me is, these guys had a whole year to fix the problem. They should have made provisions for storm water drains, and ensured that all road / telephone / electrical work is finished by March. Instead, this unfinished repair work is now the biggest cause of the roads being clogged and overflowing with mud, waste and filth.

Secondly, there never seems to be any co-ordination between the various agencies deputed to carry out the work. Each of them completes their work, the roads are re-surfaced, and in a matter of 10-15 days, another agency comes along to do their work, the roads are dug up, then re-surfaced again etc etc, leading to a vicious cycle.All the civic administrators should be taken on a grand tour of the city, so they can actually get a feel of the situation brought about by their apathy. Whether this will actually filter through their thick skins / skulls is a moot point, however!

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