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Make Decisions Faster and Easier with Zapproved


Have been looking up various tools to enhance collaboration and productivity the past few days and chanced upon Zapproved, an interesting tool to manage decision making online.

Zapproved, according to the blurb on their site, is the first web app that focuses on making decisions faster, easier and more accountable. It is an intuitive tool for managing decisions that can be adopted instantly.

A user creates a proposal and can send it to anyone with an email address. The recipients receive a formatted email that requests a specific response by clicking either the “Approve” or “Deny” buttons. The group can collaborate in a single place online and the decision is stored in a trusted repository for future reference.

It is simple, all emails have a clear subject line, and provide a call-to-action and deadline. There is clear accountability – Who agreed to what and when, it allows for multiple approvers, tracks versions of documents and maintains a secure audit trail.

There is complete transparency among all members of a project team and this introduces an element of peer pressure to the decision making process by adding focus and driving the team to a concrete decision. There is also no scope for any blame game as it clearly shows who is holding up any process.

It is extremely accessible as a web application, and participants only need an email address. Ironically, email is the very reason there are delays in the decision making process, with multiple cc’s and keeping even unnecessary people in the loop. 🙂

With Zapproved, all this is done at a single place, making it easier to track each approval. It also works securely across firewalls, and can be used not only with employees but even customers and vendors.

You can look up some of their case studies to know how others are implementing Zapproved.

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