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Lunch at Yana Sizzlers – fails to sizzle

Decided to meet up for lunch today with a friend and as usual, there was a BIG discussion about where to go and more importantly, whether it was gonna be lunch or snacks on the agenda.

Finally, we settled upon Yana Sizzlers on F.C Road, mainly as it was close and neither of us had been there for a long time, whereas we’d been regular at some of the other joints on F.C Road.

1.30 – 1.45 pm seemed a reasonable enough time to meet for lunch, and I expected to be out from office before then. However, before I knew it, time just flew, and then she called to let me know she’d already reached the place!

I quickly wrapped up my work and left from Pashan – with the one way traffic on F.C Road scene, I had to turn right from Central Mall on University Road, come via Deep Bungalow chowk in Model Colony and then find a place to park at the junction keeping in mind the P1 and P2 signs. I finally reached the place at 2.15 pm, which meant she had been waiting for over half an hour or so. I was expecting major gyaan thanks to the delay on my part, but got a big welcoming grin and a hug instead, which set the tone for the afternoon! 😀

Conversation just took off between helpings of the Non-Veg Italian Salad she’d already ordered by then, and we had a dekko at the menu to decide upon the main course. The steward heard us discussing fish and immediately piped in, suggesting their Fish BBQ Sizzler, which we ordered.

It took 15-20 minutes and the presentation was decent enough, but even as it arrived, what struck us was the size of the portions and it seemed pretty inadequate for something worth Rs.430. Certainly not value for money! To top it all, it was served on something like a quarter plate / like the one used for desserts, so the sizzler was having a tough time co-existing with the knife and fork, which we had to hold in our hands most of the time 🙂

It was a tough call on whether to order for dessert, but we decided to have a single sizzler brownie muffin with vanilla ice-cream, which strictly speaking, was ok, nothing great.

Overall, the experience left a lot to be desired, and we came away feeling somewhat shortchanged. The place itself seems to have an air of neglect, with dirt and grime visible on the walls or the AC units. They need to shape up, and ensure the food portions and plates are more in tune with the prices they charge.

Yana: Sizzler & Wok
S No 1181 Surya Bhavan, F.C Road, Pune
Tel: 66013897, 66013898

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