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Lunch at Incognito Pune

Had been meaning to catch up with a friend during my Pune visits, but somehow schedules never matched. Finally, they did and we decided to meet for lunch last Sunday. As she’s a vegetarian, I asked her to suggest places that she felt were suitable, and little did I realise what a mammoth exercise that would turn out to be 😀 Most of the places that came up were regular haunts, and I was keen to try out something new, the recent ‘new place’ experience at Flambos, Pune notwithstanding 😛


Incognito Pune is a recently opened restaurant in Phoenix Marketcity Mall at Viman Nagar. We reached just after 12pm and were among the first customers of the day. Once seated, we had a look around. Even though it’s inside a mall, the place is kinda dark, but with a pleasant ambience. There was some nondescript music also playing then. The walls are filled with all kinds of stuff – from smart-ass posters to other paraphernalia and even a model ship.

Incognito Decor

Incognito Decor

Incognito Menu

The drinks menu had all “Awsome” items in it and we couldn’t help laughing at the way it was spelt. We decided to start with the Incognito Draught beer. There was a choice of 200ml and 400ml, and we chose the former. While I knew it wasn’t much, the slim, narrow glass in which it was served made it look like tonic water or some medicine.

Incognito Beer

The food menu is quite comprehensive and it is impossible to do justice to it in a single sitting. We started off with salads: non-veg for me, veg for her. I chose a Warm Cajun Chicken Salad and she a Gazpacho salad, both with garlic bread. I liked the presentation and it was quite good too. The idea was to start with this and then move on to the main course, but the salad itself was quite filling and we just didn’t seem to be able to eat anything more.

Incognito Warm Cajun Chicken Salad

Incognito Gazpacho Salad

Incognito Garlic Bread

The compromise was a plate of Nachos with cheese. For drinks, we went with the “Awsome” cocktails, and ordered a Margarita for her and Long Island Iced Tea for me. While the LIT was good, the nachos were a complete let down, right from the presentation to the quantity and the taste. In comparison, the nachos at Cream Centre were in a class by themselves.

Incognito Nachos

Incognito Long Island Iced Tea

By now, the place had begun filling up and that brings me to one issue I have with the place – the tables are too close to each other, like this one – where I could have easily reached across to my left to the table beside us, not to mention conversation also being quite audible. The music was now mostly ’80s, but the acoustics seemed off and too much of a bass thump ruined the listening pleasure.

Incognito Tables

The plan was to head out to Koregaon Park for dessert, as she was keen to try out Red Velvet cupcakes. However, we decided to order dessert here itself and I must say I’m glad we did. Another friend who had been here a day earlier, recommended the Chocolate Walnut Brownie and we both decided to try it out.

Incognito Chocolate Walnut Brownie

The presentation was gorgeous and it was fabulous to eat, besides being rich and heavy, not that we were bothered. It was clearly the highlight of the lunch and we finally “staggered” out of Incognito around 4.30pm, almost five hours since coming in. The overall cost for two came to just over Rs.2,000 which I’d say was well worth it, except for the nachos.

F66, 1st Flr, Phoenix Marketcity,
Viman Nagar, Nagar Road
020 3095 0592/3

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