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Lunch at Caperberry, Bangalore

Yay! Back in Bangalore after my last visit in June.

Flew Kingfisher Red this time, and I was informed before that there would be no in-flight entertainment, no blankets or pillows, and no choice of cuisine. Well… the person telling me this was out of touch with reality coz I watched the Autocar show and a bit of ‘Luck by Chance’ on the in-flight telly. The food was pure veg and while I don’t have any problems with that at all, the upma was orange in colour… something I’ve never had before. Also got a crumpled croissant and a bowl of fruits… mostly loaded with papaya, not really my favourite! :-p

The initial plan as usual was for my sis, bro-in-law and nephew to come to the airport, but as B-I-L had driven to Chennai and back yesterday, he was a bit tired. We agreed to meet somewhere midway and as I had a bag plus my backpack, Koshy’s seemed the ideal meeting point, being nice and spacious, as well as centrally located.

The cab took almost 2 hours to reach there from the airport, but considering it was a weekday, this was to be expected I guess. I really love the old world charm and ambience at Koshy’s and once I parked my bag, I decided to dig into a plate of chicken sandwiches followed by hot bournvita. It was a while before the family arrived, and I had wolfed down a second plate of sandwiches by then.

Today being my bro-in-law’s birthday, we headed to our next rendezvous – lunch at Caperberry.


This is a restaurant and tapas lounge, located near Manipal Centre on Dickenson Road, in the same building as the Tanishq showroom. The timings are 12.30 pm – 3 pm and 5.30 pm – 11.30 pm, so we were a bit early. This, combined with the fact that we were the only ones till then, gave me an opportunity to check out the place.

Caperberry Lounge

From outside, the entry to Caperberry isn’t all that great, but once you enter, there is a lounge, and a pretty impressive bar, which you need to pass as you move on to the restaurant. The seating is comfortable though it could have been more well spaced out, and the presence of bottles and glass stuff in general meant we had to constantly keep an eye on my nephew, who seemed intent on grabbing everything within reach 🙂

Caperberry Bar

Caperberry Seating Area

One of the reasons for our coming here was also to sample the “molecular cooking” which uses liquid nitrogen and other techniques. However, we were informed that was done only at night. As we were served the complimentary breads, butter and dip, we had a Carlsberg each and took a look at the menu that was on offer for the afternoon, and it was lip smacking to say the least. We chose the 4 course menu, which at Rs.550 each, seemed quite reasonable.

We then decided to dig into the starters, and oh boy… what starters! We headed over to help ourselves from the spread laid out, and as you can see, the starters seemed to be a meal in itself. I had chicken with pineapple, some lettuce, roasted potatoes in mayonnaise, several types of cheese, noodles, mushrooms, marinated olives and a glass of Gazpacho… Simply mouth watering stuff 😀

Caperberry Starters

The next item on the agenda for me was pasta with chicken, which was again yummy. Just as we were all sitting there like content cats, the stewards then arrived with the next dish(es), veg for bro-in-law, chicken sausages for sis, and fish (White Mullet) for me.

Pasta with chicken

Chicken Sausages

White Mullet

We were pretty much done and as they had been informed it was bro-in-law’s birthday, they played the happy b’day song and brought in a complimentary chocolate cake, which was actually more mousse and less cake.

There was also dessert after all this, but I was too stuffed to even think about it… and regretfully, let it pass, as we headed out to our next destination, almost 3 hours since we arrived at Caperberry.

Caperberry is a pretty good place, serves good food, the stewards are attentive without being obtrusive and overall, I’d say worth it! Do check it out.

Caperberry Restaurant and Tapas Lounge
48/1 Ground Floor, The Estate, No 121, Dickenson Road, Bangalore
Tel: 080-2559 4567

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