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“Let them drive” – A Cab Service By and For Women in Pune

A unique initiative started by women in Pune, ‘Let them drive’ is a cab service by and for women. The main purpose of this service is to provide some form of safety to women commuters, initially within Pune city and later, the entire Pune district.

The proprietor is Vishakha Gaikwad, a financial consultant.

They presently have 5 cabs and 5 women drivers, with 3 of them being sisters ! Besides being well trained in driving as well as other aspects related to vehicle maintenance, the other interesting thing is all these five women have been trained in karate, with one of them being a black belt !!!

Food for thought, right?  This service would be a boon to BPOs, which have seen a errant cab drivers not only misbehaving with their women employees but even to the extent of raping and murdering them.

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