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Judge Kode sends Sanjay Dutt to the slammer

In a much awaited and highly sensationalised judgement, Judge Kode handed down a six year RI sentence to actor Sanjay Dutt for illegal possession of weapons given to him by Dawood Ibrahim’s men in 1993. He was also fined Rs.25,000. His bail was immediately cancelled and the judge asked the cops to take him into custody.

This is something which a lot of people will have difficulty reconciling themselves to, most of all those around him, but having seen the methods and logic being applied by Judge Kode so far while handing out sentences, I think Dutt should have seen this coming.

Given the fact that 14 years have passed, people’s perceptions about Dutt have also changed and he’s much more popular now so I admire the judge for having the guts to hand down what will be largely perceived as a harsh sentence.


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