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Indian Hockey – R.I.P

Indian Hockey plunged to it’s lowest depth ever, failing to make it to the Olympics for the first time in 80 years.

People have been cribbing about the various problems that torment this sport in India, and with our ouster from the qualifiers, such voices are now going full blast, blaming the administrators at the IHF, the sports ministry as well as coach Joaquim Carvalho for this fiasco.

The people at the top have to take responsibility, and in India, we often have politicians and retired bureaucrats running the show like their private fiefdom, with various personalities involved at every step, each wanting to take credit for any triumph that comes their way, not only in hockey (K.P.S Gill), but even other instances, like Chess – PC Umer Khoya, IOA – Suresh Kalmadi, Tennis – Anil Khanna to mention a few.

I am not an avid follower of hockey myself, but even as an observer, it has been easy to figure out the extent to which people like Gill have ruined hockey in India with their power politics and shows of favouritism.


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