Intolerance seems to have become a way of life lately, and it doesn’t take too much to offend people or “hurt their sentiments” if recent events are any indication; some people from an NGO beating up a Pakistani girl for sporting an Urdu tattoo on her back, others vandalising Mumbai University over a perceived injustice to the Marathi language, the moral brigade attacking women in a Mangalore pub, or a sweet shop owner being forced to change the name of his shop…

Only the underworld was missing so far, and now even they’ve also decided to get a piece of the action 🙂

Comedian Raju Shrivastav has apparently received threatening calls from Pakistan warning him not to crack jokes on underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and Pakistan during his shows!

And last but not the least, we welcome back our very own 24X7 newsmaker, Anbumani Ramadoss –  who’s been keeping pretty quiet lately, and who now jumps into the fray with his two bits

And yes, can anything related to an “assault” on India’s moral fibre ever be complete without remembering the late Shiv Sena leader Pramod Navalkar, Mumbai’s moral policeman.

Oh, how he would’ve loved being in the thick of things now  😀