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HDFC Netbanking now with Secure Access

Logged into my HDFC Netbanking account and saw some changes there.

Firstly, the earlier login screen has now been replaced by one where you first enter only your Customer Id. Once the bank verifies that, you are allowed to enter the password at the next screen.

Once you fill in your customer id and password, you are then greeted by a message informing you of HDFC Bank’s new Secure Access policy according to which you are now required to register if you wish to avail of:

  • Transfer from one HDFC Bank account to other HDFC Bank account holders (under distinct customer ID)
  • Transfer from HDFC Bank account to any other Bank’s account (also known as RTGS & NEFT)
  • Visa Money Transfer
  • Third Party Demand Draft through NetBanking

This is a one time registration process and to do so, you will need to

  • Personalise an image
  • Personalise text
  • Answer 5 questions
  • Share two contact numbers

Initially, I thought this was going to be a long process, but it was quite painless and was wrapped up within 5 minutes.

Most banks now allow you to use a virtual keyboard to enter the password. Banks like HSBC send you a hardware device that generates a random code whenever you press a button on it. You then input that code when prompted during your netbanking session.

All for the better, no doubt, however, what defeats all this is the lack of common sense shown by people who continue to visit phishing sites like moths to a flame !!

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