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Happy New Year – 2009

Here’s wishing everyone and their close ones a Happy New Year. Hope 2009 rings in some change for the better and we have a more peaceful year than 2008.

In retrospect, 2008 leaves behind memories and experiences I will always treasure. Here’s a warm and heartfelt thank you –

  • to all those who helped me question my beliefs and think out of the box
  • to family – immediate and extended, who make life so lovingly worthwhile
  • to all my friends (both offline and online) who add flavour and colour to life
  • to all my colleagues who make working at the office a pleasure and so much fun
  • to all readers of this blog; it exists only because of readers like you
  • to all acquaintances I met this year, however briefly

Thanks everyone for being a part of my life. May 2009 be a year full of countless possibilities for all of us!

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