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Google Reunion Ad

I’m not usually a big fan of the sentimental, tear jerker kind of advertisements, whether on TV or online, but every now and then one comes across such heartwarming, beautifully made ads. The below ad is one such;

Published by Google India (does Google need to advertise? 😉 ), this focuses on relations severed from the time India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947, and a man’s nostalgic remembrance of his childhood days with a friend from those times. His granddaughter then decides to see if she can track down his friend and reunite them based on the anecdotes and tidbits of information, using… Google!

It is interesting to see how Google has cleverly managed to weave in several of its products and apps (both desktop and mobile) in the ad, thereby making it seem a logical extension to our daily life.

In fact, isn’t that exactly how things are these days? 🙂 Go watch!

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