If you have been using Google AdWords for your advertising needs, here is some welcome news. Google has announced that it will now allow payments to be made not just by credit card, but by Cheque, Demand draft and even Netbanking.

This is fantastic news, not just for individuals who cringe at the thought of sharing their credit card details online, but more so for companies,  who don’t have cards. Typically, an employee (either from the advertising team or usually the CEO if it’s a small company) has to use his/her credit card for these transactions, and then claim reimbursement from their employer. Not only is this tedious, but also lacking in privacy.

Now, however, if anyone desires to pay by Cheque or DD, they need to send the payment instrument to the office of Citibank in Mumbai. For Netbanking, Google has tied up with Times of Money as a solutions provider for the payment gateway.

Shailesh Rao, Managing Director, Google India, said:

“India is a very strategic market and feedback from Indian advertisers has been an important component in making AdWords more useful for the Indian market. We hope that more Indian advertisers will be able to grow their business through AdWords by recognising that Indian businesses prefer to conduct transactions not only by credit cards but also by cheque and electronic funds transfer.”