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Gohar Ayub Khan implies Manekshaw is a traitor

While flipping channels after a sumptuous dinner, my attention was drawn to a program on CNBC-TV18 about publication of Pakistan’s late dictator Ayub Khan’s diaries.

His son, Gohar Ayub Khan, former foreign minister and ADC to his father in the 1950s, then went on to claim that a high ranking Indian Army officer had sold the country’s battle plans to Pakistan for Rs.20,000.

Gohar Khan steadfastly refused to name the person, but then dropped a quartet of hints which seemed to implicate Field Marshal Manekshaw, namely;

a) he was from the first batch of the Indian Military Academy
b) commissioned in the 4th Battalion of the 12 Frontier Force
c) wounded in Burma in 1942 for which he was awarded the Military Cross and
d) rose to the highest possible rank in the Indian army.

Besides leaving nothing to the imagination, the remarks were highly slanderous and one wonders if this is a form of vengeance against the Field Marshal. Secondly, the Pakistan Army must have been crazy to have the plans and yet lose the war.

It’s really strange how someone can get away with making such remarks, and if he cannot substantiate his allegations, he would do well to keep quiet.

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