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Getting diesel for gensets a nightmare now

Someone seems to be doing a pretty good job of bringing Pune to it’s knees… or atleast that’s the impression I’ve been getting of late.

If the recent power cuts weren’t enough to throw everyone’s schedules out of gear, we are now faced with another BIG problem, namely, getting diesel to run the gensets !

Initially, the problem was that pumps had exhausted their quota of diesel. While the issue of additional supply of diesel to pumps had been kinda sorted out, the district collectorate and cops have now stepped in to make life even more miserable for companies and professionals that use diesel gensets to continue their work uninterrupted.

Threatened with closure of their pumps, dealers have been instructed to stop loose sale of diesel, which means one can no longer procure it in cans. Further, all individuals / companies desiring to do so need to obtain a letter from the collectorate or the police commissioner’s office, granting permission to purchase diesel in cans. Apparently, this is being done to segregate genuine buyers/users from others who could indulge in hoarding / selling it in the black market. This is also being done so that retail users, who need diesel for their vehicles do not suffer. So far so good.

However, the problem starts when the staff at the commissioner’s office say it will take ‘atleast’ 3-4 days to give the letter, which means no pump will allow sale of diesel in cans till then.  I think this is a pretty stupid and short-sighted move. The least they could have done is give some kind of a timeframe by when this permission could be obtained, before stopping sale of ‘loose’ diesel.

With 6 hour plus power cuts everyday, how do they expect any business to keep their gensets running without diesel? Some options could be:

  1. Close the office / have staggered working hours (not viable/practical for all)
  2. Get the MSEDCL to co-operate and avoid load shedding, atleast for some time
  3. Find ‘workarounds’ to procure diesel (desperate solution, could lead to worse problems)

Personally, I would think option 2 would be the best for everyone concerned. Agree / disagree ?

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