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Forging your salary slip could land you in jail

A peon working in a department of the Sales Tax office would never have imagined that forging her salary slip to obtain a bank loan would get her a 2 year rigorous imprisonment term.

According to the TOI, the peon, one Asha Jawa, had forged her salary slip to get a loan from the Janseva Co-operative Bank, Ramwadi branch, Pune, in August 2001. She also used the seal of the dept’s Deputy Commissioner on it.

She was exposed when the bank sent the document to the department for verification. Her accomplices were let off for want of any evidence. I’m surprised to note that it took almost 7 years to bring the case to a close.

Her act of forging the salary slip is nothing new though, and is rampant nowadays, not only for obtaining credit cards or bank loans, but even during job interviews, with junior to middle level candidates more guilty of doing this. There are times when I have doubts whether the compensation quoted by a candidate is commensurate with their experience and qualifications. When I ask them for a copy of the salary slip (even after they’ve been hired), I often get an apologetic look with answers ranging from,

  • “I’m sorry, I forgot to get / do not have a copy”
  • “The company I work(ed) with doesn’t issue any”
  • “Our salary slips were stored on the company intranet, I never took a copy”
  • “They were emailed on our company id, which I can’t access now”
  • And many many more………….

Though possibly one or more of these reasons could be genuine, from my own experience, actual facts are quite to the contrary. Many employees are keen to ensure they get a salary slip to know the exact breakup of the income and deductions as opposed to being content only with the amount credited in the bank account.

Presently, fudging resumes, salary slips or any other critical facts generally attracts immediate termination of services from a company, mainly to avoid legal hassles, but the threat of something like a 2 year rigorous imprisonment…. hmmm, now that would be some deterrent, provided our legal system is fast enough!!

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