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FC Road and JM Road to go one way from 05-Mar

So finally, in a move to ease the traffic and congestion on Jangli Maharaj (JM) and Fergusson College (FC), the traffic police have decided to implement one way traffic on both roads from March 5 on a trial basis.

According to this plan, traffic will flow from Balgandharva chowk towards the Garware bridge on JM road and from the bridge towards Tukaram Paduka chowk. Entry of vehicles from Balgandharva chowk to Ghole road will also be restricted as Ghole road will also become a one-way. Traffic will be allowed to go into the lanes parallel to Ghole road from JM road to reach FC road. Apte road and Shirole road will be open to two-way traffic.

Obviously, people are up in arms over this proposed move, whether it be residents, professionals, or shop and restaurant owners, considering the roundabout ways one would need to travel, not to mention the anticipated parking related problems as well.

While in some ways, one-ways do reduce congestion, this is true only if implemented correctly, so let’s see if this plan works.

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