The FIA has finally given the go ahead to a change in rules, whereby the driver who wins the most races in a year will win the championship. In case there is a tie for same number of wins, only then will the points come into play. This re-look has probably come about thanks to Hamilton winning the 2008 championship by a single point, despite Felipe Massa winning more races than him.

There has been a big debate on this issue for a long time, especially in close run title chases as in the past two years, and opinion has always been split on whether only wins should count, or should overall consistency also be rewarded. You could have a driver who wins a race, but then either finishes out of the points or retires every other race as compared to a driver who is always in the points, but may not win that often.

While I feel consistency throughout the year is good, it would be pretty strange to have an F1 champion who could potentially finish in the top three / top five each time and not win a single race.

Some F1 champion that would be, huh? :-p

The FIA also decided upon several other rules and regulations for the season.