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Dr.Udai Pareek is no more

Came to know that Dr.Udai Pareek, one of the luminaries of HR in India, is no more. Besides being on the board of several academic institues and a distinguished speaker, he was also quite a prolific author.

I first came across his name when I was at Symbiosis and his books were listed as recommended reading during our course. I managed to read some of them, mostly concerning Organization Development and also on Training, like

Training for Organizational Transformation: Part 1: For Policy-Makers and Change Managers

Training for Organizational Transformation: Part 2: Trainers, Consultants and Principals

Training Instruments In Hrd & Od

Understanding Organizational behaviour

Some of his books were truly the definitive word on that subject, and a few of them were even out of stock when we got this reading list. The college library wasn’t much help either, because these books were issued to someone and there was a long waiting list.

Eventually, I did manage to find these books, and it was the good old bookshop / raddi depot by the roadside that came to the rescue, especially those on Tilak Road and FC Road. 😀

R.I.P Dr.Pareek, and may you rest in peace. You will be missed by the HR community.

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