Nepal Earthquake Donations

A devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 struck Kathmandu, Nepal on Saturday, 25-Apr-15, followed by a series of aftershocks and another comparatively milder earthquake yesterday. The loss of life and structural damage it has caused is mind-numbing, to say the least, not just in Nepal, but across several parts of Northern India as well.

Even as rescue and relief operations are on, offer to help is pouring in from across the world. Donations can be made to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund for help within India, but for Nepal, I’ve been noticing several friends on social media keen to help, but not exactly sure how/where. Given below are some ways in which you can contribute to these efforts;

American Red Cross

Apple iTunes (Red Cross)


Facebook (International Medical Corps)

Global Giving (Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund)


Handicap International

Humane Society International (Animal Welfare)

Indian Express Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund (cheque)

Indiegogo (America Nepal Medical Foundation – ANMF)

Embassy of Nepal

Oxfam International

PayPal (donate to 11 organisations)

Paytm (to be announced Govt of India Nepal Relief Fund)

Save the Children (Nepal Earthquake Children’s Relief Fund)

Seva Foundation

UNICEF – Help Children in Nepal


World Food Programme

Will be updating this information as and when more data is available. For other ways you can help or volunteer, visit the InCrisisRelief website.

* All names have been included in good faith on the assumption that they will use the funds for the stated purpose; I am not affiliated with any of these organisations.