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Divorce is now an advertising gimmick

It is a known fact that advertisers have been getting more and more “innovative” in their desire to churn maximum publicity for the product they had to peddle, whether it was a consumable, a movie or any other event like a product launch.

The latest shocker comes in the form of rumours floating around regarding the purported “divorce” between Bollywood actors, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora, with both of them giving ambiguous comments to the media to sustain the suspense.

It later transpired that the whole thing was nothing but a gimmick for the launch of a skin cream !!

This is a pretty pathetic state of affairs we’ve descended into. So far, divorce had not been used as an “advertising tool”, but with this product launch, even that is now history. I wonder if they realize the effect such announcements can have on people, for instance, their son or other relatives being asked this question by friends and well wishers, and being completely bewildered at the turn of events.

There have been precedents in the past where imaginary scenarios have been conjured to sell a film (for eg. a rift / affair between co-stars), and even occasions when film producers have actually hired local gangsters to “open fire at them / their vehicle”, leading to hype and publicity surrounding the release of their new film.

As long as the “aam junta” doesn’t wake up to these capers, I guess these ad guys will continue on their merry ways. Personally, I find this form of advertising quite disgusting.

What is your take on this ?

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