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Dinner at Sigree – disappointing fare

A friend was coming from Mumbai to Pune on a rare trip ever since she got married a year ago. Naturally, there was a good deal of enthusiasm among all of us and there was a flurry of activity with multiple emails being sent back and forth about a get together. Finally it was decided we’d all meet on Friday and though there was the usual discussion about where to do so, we finally zeroed in on Sigree. There were six of us (four gals, two guys), a third guy having to drop out on account of some office work that came up.

Now the reason for choosing the venue was that somewhere I guess we all had heard reviews about the place so it seemed as good a place as any. Sigree is located at City Point, at the corner where Dhole Patil Road and Boat Club Road meet. In fact, I was surprised how I’d never been there before, considering I’d visited Mainland China, Bombay Brasserie and La Dolce Vita in the same building complex.

At Sigree, one can opt for the buffet seating outside or the cool environs of the air conditioned seating inside. Obviously, with the heat wave gripping Pune, choosing the latter option was a no-brainer even though I’d come prepared wearing capris and sandals ! 🙂

I arrived to find the gal gang comfortably ensconed inside and we were soon joined by #6 and the party then began in full swing. The banter was fantastic, the conversation simply flowed and it seemed like we all just picked up from where we’d left off when we last met.

We ordered drinks (vodka, lime juice combos for others and Antiquity for self) and a kebab platter for starters, mushroom in veg and chicken in non-veg. They were quite tasty and succulent and things were looking good when the discontent began.

Though the seating at Sigree is well spaced out, it is bloody uncomfortable, especially due to the low backrests which means one cannot really relax. The stewards then started bustling around and it was pretty irritating to have them hovering and then plonking / stretching themselves all across the table every few minutes, throwing the conversation off track several times.

We decided to order Chicken Biryani for all, hoping that it would be as tasty as the starters were. Alas, disappointment was in store. The biryani was quite poorly made and tasteless and even the chicken pieces left much to be desired. That pretty much decided everyone’s mind and when the steward came later asking if we’d like something cold / sweet, the icy glares from all of us must have certainly left him feeling like dessert !! 😀

The cost worked out to around Rs.500 per head which was ok, but certainly not worth the fare dished out to us. If first impressions are to count, then this dinner at Sigree was a bad one, especially considering that it has been rated one of the finest restaurants in Pune.

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