Pretty catchy title, huh? Kinda like the ‘Death By Chocolate’ one gets to drink at Pepinos… πŸ™‚

But no, this one is different, deadly serious and a path breaker for sure. We are all living in a highly connected and networked world now where having a social profile somewhere is the norm, with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter being the most common ones to communicate thoughts or ‘status updates’.

Death by Twitter in Utah

Mark Shurtleff, Attorney General for the US state of Utah, used Twitter to convey his go-ahead for the death sentence to Ronnie Lee Gardner, a convicted murderer. Ronnie was executed by a firing squad, which seemed a rather archaic way to do so.

As expected, there were varying reactions,Β to executing someone like this or even announcing it in such a manner. Whatever one may say, using social media to communicate – whether official or personal, is definitely here to stay with more and more government officials and corporates getting online, hopefully not for such morbid announcements though!