In a landmark judgement, the Bombay High Court ruled in favour of composer Ram Sampath, who alleged that film maker Rakesh Roshan plagiarised the music score for his latest film, Krazzy 4 from an ad jingle that Sampath had composed for Sony Ericsson.

According to the court;

“Ram Sampath has proved that he is the owner of copyright and that the four tracks in Krazzy 4 are a copy of The Thump (the music he created for a television commercial for Sony Ericsson)… None of the Roshan’s defence arguments has any merit.”

Though plagiarism and being “inspired” by other’s work has been rampant in the industry, it is rare for someone to actually take the legal route against the established pashas of Bollywood, and even more importantly, succeed while doing this.

The score that was lifted is quite similar to an advertisement for “The Thump” by Sony Ericsson, and, in a delicious irony, stars Hrithik Roshan 🙂

The Roshans tried to defend themselves first by denying they copied the tunes, then by saying they obtained an NOC from Sony Ericsson, who were the producers of the ad. The Court found the Roshans guilty of dishonesty after this about-turn.

Watch both the videos and enjoy Hrithik at his scintillating best.


The ultimate comment came from Virendra Tulzapurkar, counsel for Sampath;

“We are eager to encash the cheque and they (the Roshans) are eager to release the film”

Sampath received a cheque for Rs.1,77,34,600 (post tax), and with the film scheduled to hit the screens today, this was the only way out for the Roshans.