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3 delayed orders in 5 days – Amazon is slipping

“Amazon order delayed” – never thought I’d see this, or feel they’re slipping up. Been a very satisfied customer of Amazon for a VERY long time now, and have never faced any major issues. However, 3 delayed orders in 5 days and the subsequent experience with their customer care on chat has taken some of the shine off all that previous good experience.

Amazon Order Delayed

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One year at Walnut

Wow. *takes a deep breath* Wow, has a year gone by already? 🙂

Indeed it has, and what a ride its been! It seems like just a few weeks ago when Amit pinged to say they were looking at expanding their team and wanted to know if I’d be interested to meet up and know more.

I was on a break after my last job and at the time had mostly been freelancing for the past couple of years, so initially expected this to be another freelance / part-time gig but that wasn’t so. Now I’m probably among the rare junta who has *not* worked at a startup in the past few years, so there was just that initial hesitation, but a couple of meetings with him and then with Patan, and I was back to a full-time job a week later.

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Trying the Khanabadosh Lunchbox

Nowadays, all newspapers come with a bunch of various pamphlets and flyers shoved in – right from some tuition classes to furniture sale, food delivery, broadband plans and so on. Over the past 2-3 weeks, we’d been seeing this flyer of ‘Khanabadosh’ and were somewhat intrigued – by the name as well as the menu on offer. I vaguely recall coming across the name last year but maybe they weren’t in the neighbourhood back then and I didn’t come across any mention either.

Khanabadosh Menu

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