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Carla’s tryst with “Keratoconus”

A friend’s wife recently had a harrowing tryst with “Keratoconus

Here’s her experience, or rather “eyesperience…  😀

Shri Ganapati Netralaya………
An experience to remember!!

Like any newly wed happy bride, I was settling down to a new life in Pune – one that would be interspersed with activities that I was passionate about.  Finally an opportunity to follow my passion – I was excited about all the novel things I had enrolled for – be it vocal training, piano lessons or painting classes – my break from the corporate humdrum was indeed worthwhile.

And in the whirlwind of all these activities, I failed to see this seemingly dark cloud that was gradually blocking out my sunshine.  I ignored the many times when I tripped over stairs that strangely merged together.  I did not question the shadows that appeared under the musical notes or words in my books.  I ignored the fact that objects at a distance always appeared blurred.  All was well, until one day it dawned on me that my vision was gradually diminishing….

Thus began my myriad trips to eye specialists!  Anxious moments were spent in many a clinic.  Innumerable optical tests followed with as many prognosis and diagnosis, until it became clear that I had Keratoconus – a condition wherein the cornea bulges into a conical shape.  An operation was inevitable – although where, when & how were questions to which answers weren’t easy to find.  During this turbulent crossroad in life I saw light at the end of my tunnel – in the form of the benevolent Dr. Bhushan Khare or as I now say ‘the doctor who examines eyes with his heart’.  Thus, commenced my journey to recovery……

Dr. Khare eased most of my fears and anxieties and prepared me for what was to come.  He directed me to Shri Ganapati Netralaya [SGN] in Jalna.  SGN is to optical patients what an oasis is to weary travelers.  An ideal place to recoup!  Its impeccably sanitized interiors housed state-of-the-art equipment manned by ever attentive staff.  Doctors and staff buzzed feverishly to accommodate the steady flow of patients who make their way to SGN.  Kindness and hospitality radiates in every nook and corner of this hospital which becomes second home to many a long distance patient like me.

Under the watchful “eye” of Dr. Sejal Maheshwari I found my “sight” again.  She walked with me all through this experience – tests, surgery and post operative care.  She empathized when I was anxious, cajoled when hesitant, comforted when in pain and applauded my progress.  In spite of her hectic schedule, just knowing that she was available made a big difference for me.

And by writing this article I hope to reach out and make a difference to others with optic ailments.   Fellow travelers do not be deterred by the distance – Jalna is just 7 hours away from Pune.  Make the trip if you have to.  Not only will your ailing vision be restored but your heart will be filled with the love and warmth of Shri Ganapati Netralaya.

Jai Ho!!

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