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BSNL Broadband sucks!

Theoretically, the post title says it all, no? :-p

Well, I’ve been using BSNL Broadband for the past 3 years and till early this year, had nothing but good things to say about their services. I recommended BSNL Broadband to friends, and even got application forms for some of them. 😀

This bliss was shattered a few months ago, in mid-April to be precise, when one fine day, I was just not able to connect to the net. Inspite of numerous workarounds, the Error 891: message refused to disappear, and as expected, the BSNL call centre was non-responsive.

After a day, I finally managed to get through to the BSNL Salunke Vihar Exchange and then horror of horrors, the guy in charge, one Mr.Nale nonchalantly informed me that I was unable to connect because the account had been closed!!

I guess it’s easy to imagine all the #%#$%%^%^ uncomplimentary words going through my mind as I forced myself to patiently ask the guy exactly what he meant.

Turns out they had received an application for closure of the account. After almost 15 minutes, I convinced the guy there must be some mistake, and he said he’d ‘look into it’. He never called back, so the next day I did, only to see all his ‘josh’ and bluster reduced to a whimper as he grudgingly admitted they goofed up. Someone else wanted to close their account and by mistake these buggers closed mine, without even a cursory check of facts, which I found weird. How can you close an account just like that??!!

It took a week for them to restore my connection, assign a new username and password, and yes, a promise to adjust the billing amount for that month too.

Since then, it’s been a nightmare and a complete mockery of my Rs.1,350 per month ‘Unlimited’ broadband connection. The speed is so bad that on some occasions, I actually found my phone’s GPRS connection to be faster than the so-called ‘broadband’, which is even worse than dial-up now. On other occasions, it connects and disconnects within 5 minutes every time, making it a painful process if I have to get any work done at all. If anything, I know all the BSNL error codes by heart now, so I’m grateful to them for enhancing my knowledge to that extent. :p

Numerous calls and visits to the telephone exchange have yielded no results except more promises by the great Mr.Nale to look into the matter, and I think it’s finally time to give up my BSNL connection and opt for a different service provider, maybe Airtel, Tikona or Youtele.

Have any of you faced similar problems with BSNL? Which option would you suggest in Pune?

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