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Bhuvan – India’s Google Earth


If you’ve always wanted to drill down a few levels deeper than what Google Earth was offering, here is India’s answer… ISRO’s  ‘Bhuvan‘.

This is a web based application and allows users to have a closer look at any part of the subcontinent barring sensitive locations such as army and nuclear installations. Most of the terrain is covered up to at least 6 metres of resolution with the least spatial resolution being 55 metres, according to ISRO.

The images are around a year old and supposed to be sharper than those on Google Earth as Bhuvan uses 10-metre resolution images as against 200-metre resolution photos offered by others.

To run Bhuvan, you need XP / Vista with atleast 512 MB RAM, 2GB free space, a 3D-capable graphics card with 32MB of VRAM, a monitor resolution of 1280×1024, DirectX 9.0 or above and the .NET framework 2.0 or above….

Finally, you need to register yourself and then download the Bhuvan Plug-in from their site. Phew !!! 😀

I haven’t yet got around to registering or downloading anything yet, but will certainly give it a try.

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