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Benazir Bhutto’s death still shrouded in mystery

Two days after she was “assassinated”, Benazir Bhutto’s death continues to be shrouded in a veil of mystery and secrecy, and above all confusion, with various sources giving conflicting reasons for her death.

From falling prey to an assassin’s bullets, to being struck by shrapnel, to sustaining massive head injuries due to the sun roof lever on her vehicle, various theories continue to do the rounds, with the Pakistan government officials themselves contradicting each other on this issue. No one seems to also agree exactly which part of her body sustained the injury, with some saying it was her right side and some saying it was the left, whether five shots were fired or three. The one thing the Government is firm on is that there was no security lapse, and she was not technically “killed”, rather her death was due to an accident due to the lever, and that she may have been alive had she not got of the vehicle to wave to her supporters. This seems a bit strange in the light of the Al-Qaeda claiming responsibility for killing her.

Even more curious is the insistence of her husband, Asif Zardari on NOT having a post mortem done on the body of his wife, as well as the urgency with which she was buried. One would have expected this to happen atleast 2-3 days following her death, not within 24 hours, considering she was an ex-Prime Minister. Of course, it is also likely that this was done to avoid any further violence / untoward incidents at the time of offering condolences.

In fact, to me, this entire episode, right from her death itself to the aftermath, seems like an attempt at a stage managed cover up…

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