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Axe chocolate man gets more than his butt chewed off

Most probably for want of anything better to do, the Indian Information & Broadcasting Ministry has decided to play it’s part in upholding Indian morals and values. The target: The “chocolate man” in the Axe deo advertisement that has been doing the rounds on all the channels lately.

The ministry has asked the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) to advise channels not to show the ad for the Axe deo, ‘Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant’.

According to them, the ad was “indecent, vulgar and repulsive.” What do you think?

What probably got the babu’s all worked up were two clips in the entire ad; one showing a woman suggestively using and licking a strawberry and another clip showing a woman taking a bite off the chocoman’s butt. Enough to corrupt Indian viewers, I suppose… Bah!

Personally, I think the ad was ok, and there are definitely more indecent, repulsive and vulgar movies being shown on TV, let alone in theatres. Wake up, babus!

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