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Au Revoir, Bangalore

Just got back yesterday from another quick visit to Bangalore and as always it was a fun filled one. This time though, it was more of a gastronomical delight, with a superb lunch at Caperberry and a hearty breakfast at The Egg Factory. 🙂

One thing I noticed was that both airlines I used on this trip, Kingfisher Red and then Indigo, seem to have put in place some cost cutting measures like keeping the air conditioning switched off right till take off. Though their point of view is appreciated, spare a thought for all the junta packed together like sardines in a can, everyone using newspapers and the in-flight magazines to fan themselves and provide some respite from the stifling heat and BO.

Couldn’t help recalling Shashi Tharoor’s remark of some days ago about travelling “cattle class”… Created a furore then, but seemed so apt in this scenario. 😀

Oh and another thing… managed to pack in a case of Belgian beer, selected and gifted by bro-in-law. Of course, in the hurry, I forgot to have my check in baggage marked “Fragile”, so was hoping nothing was amiss as I unpacked my stuff. Luckily, everything was fine and obviously, a photo of the magnificent eight had to be taken !

Belgian Beer

Some pretty interesting times ahead.. Cheers! hic.. 😉


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