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An eventful week at Bangalore

Just returned to Pune… and already feeling like taking the first flight back to Bangalore 😀

It was a fun filled lazy week, what with the idyllic weather. No rain, however. Got to meet several friends who are now based here, including an old friend I last met some 13-14 years ago. Unfortunately, some other friends were out of town in the same week I was there, so a meet-up couldn’t happen.

Most of the evening activity was in the Forum area, as it was central and easy for everyone to reach. Also went to a place called Terrace Nation, situated in the National Games Village, Koramangala. Fantastic ambience and location, but the major sore point was with the pace of the service. Each order had to be repeated a minimum of two times, whether it was the food or even ice cubes and soda, and yes… we even had to remind the steward twice to get the bill 🙁

We went to the Bannerghatta National Park on Friday, mainly to acquaint my nephew with the animals that he’d seen so far only in his picture books. Yep, he was suitably impressed, though he couldn’t say so yet. He even touched the trunk of an elephant 😀

Saturday was again a lazy day, and we all went to have breakfast at A2B, followed by a visit to Cubbon Park, where we played a bit of frisbee n stuff. From there, we moved on to the Taj Residency for a spot of lunch. The coffee shop was full as Bosch had given their employees some vouchers, and they had all chosen that day to land up there. We went to the restaurant beside it, and the food was pretty good, the preparation and presentation even more so.

Sorbetto Al Caffe at Cafe Pascucci

Come evening time and it was decided that we’d have coffee at a place called Cafe Pascucci on MG Road. The place has a nice ambience, good decor and a nice menu. The crowd is good, and the place attracts a lot of foreigners too.

I had a look at the menu, and though there were several yummy items on offer, I chose one called ‘Sorbetto Al Caffe’.

The contents seemed mouthwatering; coffee powder, coffee beans, coffee liqueur… the works. In short, absolutely lip smacking stuff!

As it so happened, a short while later, a friend and I also decided to meet up at MG Road as it was closer to his house, and no prizes for guessing which venue I chose. I had no qualms in ordering the sorbetto all over again, and felt like a really content cat after downing it for the second time.

Come Sunday and it was time to leave. The trip to the airport was routine enough and once there, I had to shell out some dough for the stupid UDF which only seems to be charged at the airport here.

Once I boarded the Indigo flight, the names of the crew were announced and I think this was the first time I was flying in an airline where the Captain was a woman, a far cry from Roberto Carlos ! 🙂

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