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Paper Boat drinks – A refreshing delight

Received a mail via the blog’s contact form a few weeks ago from Hector Beverages, the company behind Paper Boat Drinks (and Tzinga). They had some interesting sounding new drinks and wanted an opinion about how they were – good or bad.

Paperboat drinks

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Using MProfit Portfolio Management

I’ve been investing in the stock market for a long long time now, and in the early days, kept a written record and then used Excel or Open Office Calc to track my stock portfolio and other investments. Over a period of time, as the portfolio grew, it became cumbersome to keep inputting the data manually whenever there were any changes.

Till recently I’ve been using Microsoft Money to do this, along with the ET Portfolio Tracker for stocks and Valueresearchonline one for mutual funds. There are portfolio tools with demat & online trading providers too. I use Sharekhan, HDFC Securities and ICICIDirect, and am not too enthused about their portfolio trackers.

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Wonder La Bangalore – a wonderful experience

We had been hearing about this amusement park for quite some time and plans were finally made to check it out one bright Sunday morning. It is open to the public from 11am onwards. Located around 25-30kms away from the city on the Bangalore – Mysore Road, the condition of the road was quite good and as we drove via the NICE road, the commute was a breeze.

Wonderla Bangalore

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Hotel Premier Inn Pune is formally launched

The hotel scene in Pune saw a new entrant last Friday, with the launch of Hotel Premier Inn at Kharadi. We had planned to be there around 7.30-8pm or so, and I’d checked the location on Google Maps, so knew where it was located.

Premier Inn Pune

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JFK Assassination – The Mystery Continues…

JFK-John Kennedy

Fifty years ago, on November 22, 1963, US President John F.Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, Texas. This is probably one of the greatest whodunits ever, with no conclusive evidence about the events of that day. There have been so many conspiracy theories about his assassination that it’s simply mind boggling. They’re a mixture of probable, impossible, paranoid and some plain whacky conjectures, and there seems no end to it, with each year throwing up additional theories.

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Google Reunion Ad

I’m not usually a big fan of the sentimental, tear jerker kind of advertisements, whether on TV or online, but every now and then one comes across such heartwarming, beautifully made ads. The below ad is one such;

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