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Walnut expense and bill tracker

I love trying out new apps and in the past 2-3 years, I’ve probably tried over 1,000 apps across Blackberry, Android and iOS. At any given time, my phone / tablet easily has close to 250-300 apps on it, Walnut being the latest addition to that list. Sadly, I haven’t gotten around to writing about those apps, so rectifying that now.


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OnePlus One – a fortnight later

So yes, its been close to a fortnight since I got my hands on the OnePlus One, and it has been a good experience.

OnePlus One

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Merchants of Poona – a collectors item

Bought this book “Merchants of Poona” off Amazon just over a month ago, and after flipping through some pages the day I received it, I’ve just not been able to actually read it till now.

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A Facebook page for the blog? Well, okay…

Strange, right? Well, over the past few months, one feedback I got from some readers was that like other blogs / sites, they would prefer reading / sharing posts from here on Facebook rather than add the feed to a feed reader or subscribe via email.

Personally, I’ve always been a bit sceptical about a personal blog having a Facebook page (unless one is wildly famous/popular). It seems mildly narcissistic, and besides, I’m not doing a very good job of updating it regularly as well, so email / feed should be more than adequate to catch up with posts. One thing in its favour is that I get to keep individual profile and blog page separate, so no need to keep pimping my blog posts on my personal profile page.

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Independence Brewing Company Pune – a welcome addition

Planned to catch up with a friend after a long time, somewhere around Koregaon Park. I’d also been meaning to visit Independence Brewing Company for a while now, and we finally landed up there on a hot afternoon. It is towards Mundhwa, as you take a right turn from the end of North Main Road, and I was surprised to see the level of development around that area, coming that side after many years.

The brewery setup is nice and big and they have indoor as well as outdoor seating. There weren’t too many people around at the time, so the AC wasn’t switched on and took a while to kick in. Till then it was like a mini furnace, and only became tolerable after 15-20 minutes.

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XS Powercard: The smart portable charger your smartphone deserves

Thanks to the advancements in technology over the years, smartphones are now almost like a second computer – calls, chats, messaging, emails, games, GPS – so much so that many of us practically use it as our primary device.

The downside is that all this comes at a cost – with almost 24hrs non-stop usage on the go, the battery just cannot keep up, and I’ve faced many instances where the battery died or was close to dying, forcing me to alter my usage till I was near a charging point. Of course, if I anticipate extended usage or if I’m travelling, I do carry a portable charger and / or a battery bank, both of which aren’t the most convenient items to lug around.

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Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition (worth $100) available for free

When I first saw this offer, it seemed too good to be true, and I initially imagined it to be free for a limited time, after which one had to purchase. However, a quick visit to the site confirmed it wasn’t a gimmick – this is the real deal.

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition

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Paper Boat drinks – A refreshing delight

Received a mail via the blog’s contact form a few weeks ago from Hector Beverages, the company behind Paper Boat Drinks (and Tzinga). They had some interesting sounding new drinks and wanted an opinion about how they were – good or bad.

Paperboat drinks

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